Dear colleagues,

The aim of the 1st international forum of university science is to study the contribution of fundamental research into inflammatory disease management. The key topic runs as ‘Fundamental Research and Translational Medicine for Systemic and Autoimmune Inflammations Control’.

The plenary meeting will be devoted to progress in predictive and preventive areas of translational medicine. Planned are sessions in immunology, conferences on burning problems of diagnosis fundamentals and other major issues. An international conference on biomedical rheumatology (BRIC) initiated by Prof. Kusuki Nishioka, Director of Institute for Biomedical Research of Tokyo University, will also make part of the event.

Presidents of the Forum are Academician Valery Chereshnev, chairman of the Russian parliament’s committee for science and labor-intensive technologies and head of the Russian immunological society, and Chikara Sakaguchi, president of the Japanese Foundation for Medical Research, Japan’s ex-minister of health and labor.

An extensive program and high-ranking professional participation makes me hopeful that our Forum will be attended by specialists as well as the general public, and go down in history as an outstanding event in the scientific calendar of 2014.

Oleg Yanushevich,
Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
MSUMD Rector,