06/05 2014
Russia Foundation for Fundamental Research has supported the University Science Forum

International University Science Forum 2014 was supported by the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research. The Foundation has allocated a grant to the Organizing Committee of the Forum with participants representing 9 different countries.

06/05 2014
University Science Forum Gets International Support

Japan Medical Research Foundation (JMRF) supported II International Congress on Biorheumatology BRIC-GARN 2014 being part of the University Science Forum (June 5-6, 2014, Moscow).

01/05 2014
More And More Countries are to Participate in the Forum

The University Science Forum is to become a representative platform for international scientific cooperation. By the end of March scientists from 9 countries have been registered as participants of the Forum, namely the UK, the Peoples’ Republic of China, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Sweden...